So You Want to Be An Intern?

Do you even know why you want to intern with Rook SEO? The reason we’re asking is because we are specifically looking for dedicated, hard working individuals who are looking to learn a life skill they can use every day for the rest of their lives.

Does that seem a little out there? Well, it isn’t. The fact is, our interns gain skills they use every single day. We base our training programs no only to get our interns to be a functioning member of our team, but also to get them ready to market themselves, their products, and their services in the real world.

We’ve managed Fortune 500 companies and small businesses. We run and operate our own businesses. Why are we telling you this? Because we want you to understand that we bust our butts every single day to achieve real goals for ourselves and our clients.

What Do Interns Do At Rook SEO?

We do a lot of stuff here, and we want to throw our interns right into it. Here is a short list of typical tasks our interns do:

  • Content Writing – The key to SEO and Marketing success is content writing. You need to know how to write one piece of content five different ways, or even fifty, without triggering a Google penalization. Creativity is a must for this.
  • Website Management – You will need to learn how to login to and manage several different website platforms. With our clients, you may have to log into as many as six different platforms and manage content.
  • Social Media Management – A large portion of our work is in the world of Social Media Management. We will show you how to setup and automate social media accounts, and create and execute plans.
  • Link Building – We gotta get links in order to rank. Not sure what this means? 99% of the world doesn’t either, we will show you how and what to do to help really dominate search engines.
  • One-On-One Coaching – We want to make sure you can take your knowledge and grow. All of the skills you will learn here should be applied to your career goals. That is why we work one-on-one outside of internship hours to help educate you and push you along toward your goals.
  • A Heck of a Lot More

Still Interested?

Great, let’s get an application filled out, and then we can get started on some interviews. Just fill out the digital application below, and let us know a little more about you.

We are not currently accepting applications.