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You’re frustrated. Your competitors are succeeding despite your efforts, better services, and often better pricing. It seems like no matter what you do, you just can’t get ahead in your marketing, and most likely you’ve already invested a lot of money into your online presence, but the SEO agency you hired just isn’t performing well and they won’t seem to give you the answers to your questions.

Where Should I Start?

For others, you find yourself questioning where to go next. You know how important an online presence is, but you just can’t seem to understand the techno-babble that exists. Should you do social media first? Should you invest in SEO? What about Google AdWords? “Where do I go? What do I do next?”. Sound familiar?

What Should I Do Now?

If you find yourself in this situation, like many people, Rook SEO can help. With our Free Audit, you can get the exact answers you need to know how to improve your online presence, a game plan to ensure you are doing it right, and a reliable resource that can provide transparency in every step of your marketing plan. Gain more by hiring an SEO Agency that puts your business plan first, and reports on the metrics YOU care about, not the ones that look the best.

100% Free SEO Audit

Internet Marketing for Your Needs

Over the last ten years, it became apparent that not all SEO companies are striving to fulfill their client’s direct needs. Most consulting or marketing agencies are looking for ways to prove that they are doing their jobs, which in-and-of itself is fine. However, those needs do not always align with, yet alone near the client’s goals.

Because no one person or organization can control every single variable in a marketing plan, this strategy and process makes sense. Of course an SEO firm or internet marketing agency needs to show their work, after all they want to maintain the contract. The concern that we put forward, is the blatant disregard by the majority of these organizations of their clients key metrics.

There are Two Types of Internet Marketing Clients

  1. Clients who know exactly what metrics they need to improve to help their business succeed, but need someone to implement them appropriately
  2. The client who knows what improves their business, but does not know which metrics to track nor how to improve them

Regardless of which category you fall into, Rook SEO and our staff, are dedicated to helping you understand how the internet works (without needing a dictionary), what metrics your business needs to improve, and what strategies and tactics to implement to help you accomplish your goals (not our agenda).

Success Through Education

Boom! The second engine goes out. Your knuckles turn white as you grip the edges of your seat on the small plane you had to charter at the last minute. The woman across from you is screaming incoherently in fear, and cries of a scared infant ring out deafeningly. You hold your breath as the pilot slams the wheels harshly down against the dirt road you are forced to land on, and there is a communal gasp as you all hold your breath hoping the plane will stop before you slam into the thick jungle in front of you.

You finally disembark, the sticky humidity of the jungle clinging to your skin immediately. You are only allowed to grab your carry ons, before immediately being ushered away from the plane by the co-pilot. After gathering your small group together like a drove of sheep, you are informed that you are stuck here until parts can arrive… in two weeks. The airline, Cheap Flight You Book At The Last Minute, has made arrangements for you to stay with a local family: Unfortunately, this part of Mexico is mostly natives, and they know absolutely no English or Spanish for that matter. Here, they speak Chalcatongo Mixtec (the hardest language in the world according to some studies).

You spend the next two weeks struggling to ask for the basic necessities of life, food, water, clothing, the restroom. It is a painful process of stress and discomfort, and misunderstanding, fights, and problems that could have easily been resolved if communication had been a little better. Unfortunately, that is how most Internet Marketing clients feel. With a gamut of new terminology coupled with an onslaught of tasks you barely comprehend SEO can be tough. Unfortunately, it is also one of the most important marketing avenues in existence, and the only one with the clarity available to provide actual reports on the metrics you do care about.

Getting To The Bottom of Internet Marketing

That is why we here at Rook SEO believe in fully educating and training our clients on what is happening, how it affects their businesses, and how they can leverage their own time and capabilities to assist us in helping them. All of this is done with real world experience. Having worked in Agencies, In-House, and in the entrepreneurial realm of internet marketing, our staff is fully prepared to help you for one simple reason: We have been where you are.