Seriously Free Website Audit

Why so serious? Because we know there are plenty of other companies offering “free” audits, but they all come with a cost. Whether that is your phone ringing off the hook with noisy sales people, automated dialers, or worse: They sell your information to another company who does all of that too. We hate that stuff and in an effort to avoid bad Karma, we promise to respect your time and privacy: Seriously.

What Does My Free Website Audit Come With?

In today’s internet marketing world there are so many variables it can drive you mad. We focus on three key areas of internet marketing with our free audits to keep it simple and even more important: actionable. Here are the three sections in our audits:

  1. Panda
  2. Penguin
  3. Reach

Over the last three years, Google and other major search engines have implemented new algorithmic updates (changes to the way they view and rate websites) that have made ranking higher even more difficult than before. The old ways of the SEO world have gone by the way side and the playing field has been reset so the little guys (in theory) have more of an opportunity to rank than they did before.

The reason we look at these three key areas is simple: You have either been penalized, you are in danger of being penalized, or you have a clean bill of health and we can move forward. Unfortunately, too often websites continue to try and rank, investing thousands or tens-of-thousands of dollars into their marketing campaigns only to realize that Google has been suppressing their results the entire time. By investigating the “State of the Union”, if you will, in regards to your website, we can ensure every single penny invested in your marketing campaigns is directed to the right place. This ensures you are able to move forward and achieve the success you are looking for as quickly as you can without having to feel like you are throwing money into a fifty gallon drum some bum set on fire to stay warm.

Let’s take a quick look at each key area to help us better understand how they can affect your website for better or for worse: