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Own Your Market Fast with Local SEO

Local SEO is a MUST HAVE for any local business owner.  With over 90% of American's using a smart phone to look for local goods and services every day, if they can't find you, they will surely find your competitors.  

Find out the secret business owners around the country are dying to know - How to rank #1 on Google and how to be #1 in the maps too!  At Rook SEO our specialized strategy and tactics deliver solid results that will help your business profits grow quickly and help you dominate your market.  Get your Local SEO Audit for free today. Click the button below!


Clients Include:


We Help Businesses Just Like Yours Own The Maps

Over 2 Million Local Seaches on Google Every Minute

Over 88% of Local Searches turn into a Call or Visit within 24 hours

Online Reviews are the Digital WORD of Mouth Marketing

Over 75% of local searches buy local Goods/Services


88% of local clients trust Reviews

75% Smartphone users search store address first

92% of New Customers choose a business ranked on pg.1 of Google

Local SEO results will influence over $1.4 Trillion in sales this year

Own The Maps


Local SEO – Experience, Strategy, Tactics, Results

Local SEO is a gold mine for local business owners (if you know how to use it)! If you can answer yes to either of these questions you owe it to yourself to schedule a Free 30 Minute Strategy Session with our experts today.

  • Do you need your phone ringing with new customers looking for your goods or expert services?
  • Do you want a growing, thriving business that has a reputation for being the best in town and is the first one found by new customers?

How about having hundreds, even thousands, of new customers finding your business online and clicking to call you or for driving directions so they can hurry right over to your office, shop, clinic, bakery, bank, repair shop, spa? We could go on and on….

If you’re like most business owners, then you’re not satisfied with a business that just gets you by and pays the bills. Nope, you’re just not that kind of person. You have the skills to deliver the very best product or service in your industry (like us and our local SEO services) and you know the earning potential is incredible. Now, all you need is a proven local SEO company with a winning marketing strategy that can put you in front of every potential new client in your local area and build your business to that profit level you’ve been dreaming about.

Real Local SEO Client Examples

You need RookSEO For Expert Local SEO Services

That’s why you need Rook SEO! We have years of expertise and success helping business owners achieve incredible local seo success and driving hundreds and thousands of new customers, clients and patients to local businesses like yours each and every month. We are a local SEO company focused on results just like you.

At Rook our local SEO services are built around one single concept – RESULTS. The truth of the matter is that if your phone isn’t ringing daily with new customers excited to pay you for your help, then it doesn’t matter how flashy or fancy your marketing plan is, it’s just a waste of money$$. We love all that flashy fun stuff too, but we like results for our clients even better. Our targeted, intelligent approach to local SEO will help you beat out your competition and make you the top result and the first to be found by every possible new customer. Our Local SEO Services are your key to success. We will get you more new calls and bigger paychecks!

How do we do it? The simple answer is by using a combination of experience, research, tactics and strategy in our local SEO plans to provide the search engines with overwhelming proof that you really are the best business to show new customers.

Decades of Experience In This Local SEO Company!

An experienced Local SEO Company will always give you a huge competitive advantage over your competitors. At Rook SEO we have decades of combined experience in Local SEO, clear back to the beginning of online marketing when Google was just a baby. Having seen and closely followed the evolution of Google, Bing and other search engines since the beginning and understanding the evolution of local SEO gives us a unique perspective on why certain local SEO tactics work, why others don’t, what will get you banned from search results and especially what local SEO services will help you rank quickly and for the long term so you can see continual growth in your business. Understanding the past allows us to help you successfully navigate the future success of your local SEO and success in capturing new customers online.

Competitive Research – The Foundation of our Local SEO Services

Remember that phrase from the cartoons “and knowing is half the battle?” Well it’s as true in local SEO services as it is in any business. The more you know, the better prepared you are to compete and win. In local SEO every industry is different and needs careful upfront research so you can build your local search engine optimization plan on a solid foundation. Having a reliable understanding of what the search engines want from you is most important.

Look below, if you can’t confidently answer these questions then now is a good time to schedule a Free 30 Minute Strategy Session to discuss you local seo with one of our experts, click here:

  • What is Google Possum and how does it affect your business?
  • How does Google score you and your competition? Is it a Blended, Disconnected or Strict Algorithm? A mix?
  • Has your maps listing ‘disappeared’? Do you know why?
  • Does your Google My Business Listing support your website and vice versa? Do they need to?
  • Are you a Location or a Service Area Business? Are you using the right strategy?
  • If you’re not sure but you’d like to find a strategy to help you improve your online rankings and find more new business then click here to schedule a Free 30 minute Strategy Session now.

    Running a close second is understanding what your competitors have done in their local SEO plan and are doing now to rank at the top. From that point we help you build a solid plan using reliable tactics and an aggressive, safe strategy from our arsenal of local SEO services to begin directing all those new customers to your business. And then watch the phone start ringing!

    Broad Based Local SEO Strategy

    At RookSEO we believe in working with you to design an outstanding, Broad Based Local SEO Strategy that will take your business and profits to the next level and much, much further. We know what the search engines want from you to prove you should be #1. We also know that a ‘quick fix’ strategy now may very well sink your local business in the future. Don’t be taken in by Local SEO services companies promising to make you #1 overnight. They often have a very short term strategy that is focused on their own bank account. As part of our local SEO services we include strategy sessions to inform you on local search engine optimization best practices and how our strategy will keep your business growing each month in a safe, reliable way that will be rewarded by search engines like Google and Bing.

    Would you like a Free 30 Minute Strategy Session? Click here and let’s find out together just how much more profitable we can make your business.

    Refined, Powerful Tactics

    If strategy is your long term growth goal, then tactics are the tools and fuel that gets you there. Mixed into our local SEO services are a number of time tested tactics that we know will provide you great performance each month, without getting you penalized online. We’re experts with Google My Business, Bing Local, Facebook business pages and more. We also know how valuable trusted citations are, for local SEO, and that the ability to collect lots of highly rated reviews from your customers will keep your business headed in the right direction. But that’s only scratching the surface of what we can do for you.

    Click here to schedule a Free 30 minute Strategy Session with us so we can discuss your current tactics and what we can do to improve on them! It’s sure to be the most valuable 30 minutes you spend this week.

    Local Search Engine Optimization Services & A Profitable Business

    As technology progresses the need to have an outstanding online presence and rank well for local business will only increase. Local SEO should be thought of as a marathon. It’s a long term race that you need to be involved in now and you need to take the lead as soon as you can. At RookSEO we understand that not every business can or wants to spend thousands of dollars a month on advertising. We get it! But we also know that deep down, every business owner understands the importance of doing good, reliable local SEO services and digital marketing and that it has become a necessity to stay in business.

    Take some time today to call us and let us walk through your current local SEO marketing plan. We’ll help you see what’s working well and what is wasted money. We can help you tighten that budget and get a much better ROI whether you’re working on:

  • Google My Business
  • Local Business Website
  • Lead Generation
  • Local SEO Consulting
  • Maps Listings
  • Customer Reviews
  • Content/Blog
  • Other Strategies

We Understand Business

We also know that as a business owner you are focused and very good at running your business and don’t have the time it would take to learn how to do Local SEO like an expert. That’s where we come in. Not only are we extremely good at Local Search Engine Optimization, but we’re also great teachers and can help get rid of the smoke and mirrors that you get from most SEO companies.

Real Websites = Real Experience

At RookSEO we also believe that “if you talk the talk, you should walk the walk.” Yep, that’s right. There are way too many wanna be SEO gurus out there that have never even run their own website and because of that they just can’t possibly understand everything it takes to make it successful. We would never pretend to tell you how to run your business, we don’t know it like you do. But everyone here are Rook actually has their own website that they run successfully, think of it as our training grounds. This gives each member of RookSEO first hand, in the trenches experience. We can then confidently pass on that hard won knowledge to you.

If you’re ready for your Free 30 Minute Strategy Session, click here to schedule it now. For a full list of our local SEO services please feel free to contact us any time.